tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

** i am in the mood to purge...... my knitting books.

** i am keeping only the ones i love.

** listing the rest on half.com, if they do not sell i am donating them to the library.

** or any one else who wants them.

** i think i have ruined our dining room table cutting fabric.

** i wonder if we will ever eat at said table again.

** it currently serves as my work space.

** last week rejection sucked.

** this week acceptance is sweet.

** i got into the holiday bazaar at the RMSC.

** this is a HUGE show.

** i have lots of work to do.

** i just went into ph's bathroom and noticed that he had one of my very expensive bottles of shampoo in his shower.

** i was wondering where that went....

** i have discovered the joys of checking books out of the library.

** chace is not napping well these days...

** it felt like fall yesterday.

** i am ready for its arrival.

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