the inevitable

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

i knew this day would come. 
it was inevitable.
despite knowing it was looming,
i hoped we would be spared.
not a chance.

bean has woken up the last two nights,
30 minutes after going to sleep.
this is not normal bean behavior.

the first night i thought maybe he was hungry.
so we fed him.
he went to sleep.
last night we had a repeat performance.
we tried to let him work it out.
ph was stronger than i.
but we finally caved and fed him.
he went to sleep.
and slept through the night.

despite sleeping through the night,
i was beginning to see a pattern take shape.
so, i sent out a mom s.o.s this morning,
including a call to the pediatrician's office.
and the response was the same.
he needs to work it out himself. 
even if it takes him two hours.

oh give me strength.
parenthood is not for the faint of heart.
last night i made cookies to distract myself.
i can not do that every night.
perhaps i will start drinking bourbon.
or maybe i will just sew alot.
i need something to distract me.


  1. I went through a similar thing with my son. When I finally let him "cry it out" it only took one night but over 3 hours!! It is so hard to listen to, but I kept telling myself that if I went in to get him the poor little guy would have to start all over again from square one and go through it again. Stay strong!

  2. I had the same problem with my youngest son. It is tough - but, it does get better. (he goes to sleep pretty well now that he is three...)
    Hopefully it won't last too long for your family.