just drainage-

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

there are benefits of having a doctor as your father. he can call you in a prescription in a pinch, can confirm that you do not have stomach cancer, rather since you just gave birth it is probably hemorrhoids, and even write you a note to get out of class when a big hunk candy bar is thrown at a pep rally, hitting you in the back of the head and requiring stitches ( true story). but there are also some disadvantages too, particularly when your father treats people who have cancer. not a lot of sympathy when you do not feel well. 

growing up my brothers and i had to be on our death bed to get to stay home from school. i am talking puking your guts out, as long as it wasn't related to alcohol consumption, burst ear drums, extremely high fever or puss on your throat. it was hard core in our house. i think all three of us had broken bones  at one time or another and my dad was pretty convinced otherwise. thankfully, mom took us to the doctor to have an xray to confirm that they were indeed broken.

the most common phrase we heard when we didn't feel well was "its just drainage". didn't matter what it was, if it wasn't life threatening, it was "just drainage." 

i found myself using that phrase last night and laughed to myself.

you see, the bean has his first cold and we were up most of the night trying to comfort him, sucking snot out of his nose and hoping he would fall back asleep. at one point, i think it was 3 am, i looked at ph and said the following " well, he doesn't have fever, his snot is clear, so it is probably just drainage."


i took bean  to the doctor this am, and while she did not use those words exactly, she might as well have told me it is "just drainage."


  1. Dr's all read from the same handbook...just like Mom's....xoxo

  2. Oh no!! I bet he got it from Riley ... no fever though? Hope he's feeling better today. And I hope you don't get it! Love, Alicia

  3. Brilliant! Yup, I think even my broken wrist, pinky, and thumb were all originally drainage.

  4. My childhood was the exact opposite.
    Everyone in my family is a hypochondriac.
    If WebMD was around when I was a teenager (and my mother knew how to use the internet) we'd all have been dying at least a few times.

    I didn't stay home from school as much as I could have.
    But then, I am a huge nerd.
    I'm the kid that asked for extra credit
    even though I knew I had an A.

    And I silence that little voice in my head that tells me my headache is a blood vessel that is about to burst.
    And I drink a bottle of wine.

    And now, I'll tell myself, "It's just drainage." And I will use that cheerily on my mother.

    And often.


  5. This post made me crack up! I am from a family of 11 kids...and whenever anyone of us was hurt/sick or whatever, we would go running to her and cry out with "mommy, look I fell down and got a booboo on my hand". My mother would look at us and say "shhhh, don't tell everyone or they'll ALL want one!" I didn't get it until I too had kids of my own and realized that sympathy given to one child is equal to an entire hour of listening to the woes of the other kids. Now, I too, use that phrase. Oh and the other fave: "put a hot compress on it" That works great!