tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

** the weather was really nice over the weekend.

** but it didn't last, its back to hot and humid.

**i know i do not complain this much about winter weather.

** do i?

** bean is sitting up.

** he has been able to roll from his front to his back for some time.

** he has just figured out how to roll from his back to his front.

**up next... crawling.

** the child wants to move.

** this is no surprise. i walked at 6 or 8 months, depending on who you talk to.

** either way, i was an early walker.

** i started a new quilt.

** it requires me to cut out 500 3x3 squares.

** it may take me forever.

** but it will be worth it.

** i have been trying to make these cookies all week.

** maybe today will be the day.

** college football starts in one month.

** i can not tell you how happy this makes me.

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  1. bring a box of mix and powdered sugar...the list starts....xoxo