dear chace

Saturday, August 14, 2010

dear sweet chace,

half a year. 6 months. 182 days. 4,368 hours. 262,080 minutes. 15,724,800 seconds. all these measurements say the same thing, happy 6 months!

you have changed so much since i last wrote you. you are sitting up, rolling over and standing with assistance. you do not have any teeth yet, but i feel confident that they will be arriving soon. i am in awe of how you change from day to day. i can see you grow each day. your brain is like a sponge and i can see you soaking your surroundings in. your facial expressions, let me know what you are thinking, well i wish i knew what you were thinking, but i do know it is something.... you are like me in that way. you may not being saying it, but it is written all over your face. this my dear will not make you a good poker player. maybe this is a good thing.

this month, we went on our first family road trip. your pappous came to visit, and you have spent a lot of time with your uncle luke. in a few short weeks we will head to greece where you will meet your godparents and many others who are eagerly awaiting your arrival. your dad and i are just hoping that the flight over is uneventful and you sleep most of the way. please sleep chace.

speaking of sleep, you are napping more consistently. and occasionally you will sleep through the night, giving us a taste of what is to come. but for now it is only a taste.  you did taste cereal but it did not agree with your stomach, so you will have to wait until we return from our vacation before you start experiencing food.

my love for you grows immensely each day. seeing you laugh or smile can melt my heart into a puddle. i look forward to each day with you and watching you discover the world around you.

happy 6 months, my sweet boy.


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