weekend snapshots

Monday, August 2, 2010

** disclaimer. ph did NOT get a harley davidson. he wishes he did. this is his uncles bike. he was trying to convince me he needed one. i was not buying it.


  1. first of all you look so great! skinny minny!! second another proof we are long lost best friends we own the same stroller (yes youre right i have no children and i own a stroller already, long story but who can pass up on a free brand new in the box bob)

    and chace is getting so big HOORAY!

  2. PH4aharley.com! Time to ride!

  3. my favorite: bean in the texas onesie.

    but then you knew that.

    DRL won't let me have a Harley either.
    Maybe PH and I can have a "think tank" evening in which we devise a plan to convince you both that Harleys are INDEED necessities.