tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

** we leave for greece tomorrow.

** i have a lot to do today to get us organized!!

** yesteday bean pulled himself onto his hands and knees.

** please do not crawl until we get home.

** he has also started to grab his junk when i change his diaper.

** it has made me keenly aware of the fact that i am surrounded by males in this house.

** i will be blogging from greece.

** i also asked some of my favorite people to guest blog for me.

** i do hope you will tune in.

** their posts are awesome!!

** trying to wrap up a project today before we leave.

**i have decided to take all bean's formula in my carry on.

** i had this vision of opening my suitcase and seeing formula over everything.

** they don't have his kind of formula in greece.

** so i am taking 5 cans of formula in Ziploc bags in the diaper bag.

** chace has 4 swimsuits. mama has one.

** what is wrong with this picture?

** the last two summers i have been pregnant while in greece.

** i am very happy that i am NOT pregnant this summer.

** have a great tuesday and we will talk to you from greece.

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