Wednesday, July 7, 2010

dear dave,

you played an amazing show last night.
you were charming and witty.
you were modest and humble.
you put together an awesome set list.
and the chemistry between you and tim was
well amazing.

but despite all that...
i think you and i need to separate.
i will still listen to your music.
i will still think you sing to me.
and i will still be a fan.
but i do not think i will be going to any more live shows.

why? you ask.

well frankly i am too old.

i do not have patience for the people
who use your show as an excuse to
get beyond drunk.

i have no tolerance for the
rude youth that were barely in diapers
when you started playing.

i am still  traumatized
by the public display of
skin showing in the women's bathroom.

and angered by the invasion
of my personal space.
because people were too cheap to buy good seats
but felt it acceptable to encroach on mine.

i simply wanted an evening out with my
precious husband.
i wanted to listen to you sing.
i wanted to hear my favorite songs.
and witness tim's genius on the guitar.

i got all that i  asked for
and the realization
that i am getting old.

i hope you understand.
if you play a small venue
ever again.
i will certainly attend.


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