tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

** i am eating peach yogurt as i type.

** it is tasty. dannon light and fit.

** if you must know.

** thankfully, the humidity was let up.

** it was awful, i tell you. just awful.

** i learned how to hand stitch binding on a quilt this morning at my local quilt shop.

** i think this will be a perfect task for watching football.

** bean had a rough night last night.

** i think that you take steps forward in the sleep department and then GIGANTIC steps back.

** last night was one of those nights.

** i will not discuss sleeping during the day.

** i do not want to jinx it.

** we had a great visit with my dad over the weekend.

** he thinks chace is the best thing since sliced bread.

** how can you think otherwise?

** anything chace wants, is what he says.....

** ummm... how about a college education?

**liberty of london quilt is back from the quilter.

** will post when i finish the binding.

** sent in my application for this show.

** i will be shocked if i get in, but figured i mights as well try.

** i think thats it for today.

** have a happy tuesday.

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