tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

** it is hot! really hot here.

** i don't like really hot.

** if i did, i would move back to texas.

** i am pretty sure that the bean is teething.

** this is not fun!

** we are going to see dave matthews and tim reynolds tonight.

** mock me is you want.

** i happen to be pretty excited about the show.

** but not about how hot it is going to be.

** there is a funny yellow line on my computer screen.

** this is disturbing.

** starting a mini quilt today.

** and starting a quilt for riley later this week.

** riley's mama and i are doing a trade.

** i am making a quilt, in return she is painting a portrait of sabre.

** ok, going to get some work done while the bean naps.

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