tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

** yesterday bean and i went to stories for wee ones at our local library.

** i think he enjoyed it.

** all the other moms knew the nursery rhymes and accompanying hand motions.

** i did not.

** i felt like a bad momma.

**we are on day two of the ferber method of sleep training during nap time.

** bean sleeps GREAT at night.

** i think this sleep training is harder on the momma than the bean.

**but it seems to be working.

** he is asleep now.

** lets not talk about it, we might jinx it.

** i had a bad customer service experience last week at apple.

** they made it right and gave me a new laptop.

** thanks dan!

** i bought a new purse yesterday at anthro.

** it was on sale.

** i am going to scott miller this afternoon for a haircut and highlight.

** yahoo!

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