a quilt for riley

Thursday, July 22, 2010

bean has a friend named riley.
they are 3 months apart.
riley's momma paints pet portraits.
we have two of them in our house.
but we don't have one of sabre.

she asked me if we could do a swap.
a quilt for a painting.
she picked out the fabric.
and i did the rest.

since riley is a good southern baby,
it has a cowboy theme.
i sure hope he likes it.

thank you bean for letting me get this
finished last week.
feel free to return to your napping schedule
so i can work some more.

it is off to the quilter tomorrow.


  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!!! Thank you for doing such a fantastic job - can't wait to see it in person! And thank you bean for letting Mama make this for Riley :) Love, Alicia

  2. Lucinda, you are amazing! can't believe that it was just about 2 weeks ago that we picked out the backing! The quilt is wonderful, perfect for my grandboy. Your little man, bean, is so cute, I loved being with you both! Love, Becky