Thursday, July 15, 2010

 yesterday as i was sewing away it dawned on me that not only do i sew standing up, but i sew with a straight pin in my mouth. odd huh? so i then began thinking about all the other quirky little things that i do, that make me who i am, that are part of my charm.

**my fingernail polish and toenail polish must always match. always! no exceptions.

** i do not like unpolished toe nails.

** i drink a diet coke as soon as i wake up in the morning. always have. its the first thing i do.

** i tend to be a little dramatic about my health, although not as bad as my brother, i do always think that i have some bad disease. thankfully, my father, the oncologist, reassures me that i am just fine.

** i do not deviate from my grocery list.

** i do not like kmart or walmart, but love love love target.

** i believe that you can never have too many pairs of jeans, cowboy boots or diamonds.

** i love xmas and am fanatical about keeping traditions the same.

**i do not clean the house, but will happily cook, do laundry and the dishes.

and i think i am going to stop there......

what about you? got quirks?


  1. Don't know my left from my right. Never have. Need to click my fingers, right is louder click than left ....

  2. Oh my goodness...where to begin?

    *I alphabetize everything. Cd's. Movies.

    *I arrange my closet by color and then by sleeve length.

    *I fold my jeans the way I was taught when working at the Gap 10 years ago.

    *I fold my towels based on a "1/3, 1/3, bend, bend, fold* method I heard Suzanne Sommers talk about once. Step by Step I think was the TV show?

    *I never finish a beer. Or a soda.

    *I used "dinner" and "Supper" interchangeably. Same with "pop" and "soda."

    *I like my clothes to match my tennis shoes, so I only have one or two official workout outfits.

    *I am really really good at starting things, but horrible at actually finishing them.

    *I am impatient about everything, but get annoyed when someone I'm with is acting impatient.

    *I manage to ruin shoes in an insanely short period of time. I must walk funny.

    *I'm addicted to q-tipping my ears after a shower.

    *I have at least 4 different handwriting styles, but I always sign my name the same way.


  3. Oh, my goodness! Your great-grandmother Nonnie always sewed with a mouthful of pins...and talked at the same time! :) I just knew she would wind up swallowing some of them, but somehow she didn't...and I'm curious as to how you can sew standing up. Do you mean at the machine? If so, you must have a really TALL table.

    I agree about having to have painted toenails, but I like them BRIGHT with fingernails softer, usually a nude-ish color.

    I'll add more "quirks" as I think of them. They are bound to be more plentiful than I can think of right now. ;)
    Love to all, Kay