tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

** i do not understand how the bean can nap 3 hours one day and fight me tooth and nail the next.

** today, ferber sleep training is not working.

** but i am trying.

** we met jen, the cardiac social worker at strong, this morning for coffee.

** we also took her another batch of cooper birds.

** i am currently obsessed with eating green grapes.

** last week i cut my hair. short. well long enough to pull back.

** but it is a very wee pony tail.

** yesterday i sang the itsy bitsy spider for an entire 20 minute car ride.

** over and over and over.

** the bean likes that song.

** my dad is coming to visit on thursday.

** currently reading The Informers.

** 6 weeks until we leave for our trip to greece.

** must buy new car seat soon so we know how to use it.

** it is expensive.

** our little robin babies left the nest on sunday.

** glad i photographed them on saturday.

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  1. Re. Tidbit #1. Mine does same, I am assuming the three hours is merely catch up to help fight sleep later on!