from the frontline

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

my newest lesson from the frontline of motherhood is... if you have a routine that works, for goodness sake do not change it!

bean has always been a good sleeper at night. the days of walking around like a zombie and feeling like you need tooth picks to prop your eyes open are in the distant past, that is until recently. the last two nights have been awful. bean has woken up numerous times and wont go back to sleep. ph and i have been on the bean merry go round trying to get him back to sleep. just when we thought we had won the sleep battle, he would wake up. it has been a long couple of nights.

the culprit of his sudden unwillingness to sleep is oatmeal cereal. everyone tells you that once babies have cereal they sleep through the night. well i am here to say that is not the case with my baby. turns out oatmeal cereal gives bean gas preventing him from eating full bottles and sleeping. we were fighting hunger because he was eating about 10 ounces less than normal and we were fighting gas bubbles. people, this is a losing battle.  sorry bean, its only formula for you for the time being.

again, the moral of the story. if you have a good thing going, do not change it up.


  1. We live, we learn. And each child is different. It's amazing. I couldn't drink milk or eat ice cream for nine months cause it upset my baby girls tummy. Yet the second one I can eat anything at all and she's just fine!

  2. You really never know because every baby is so different - agh! Poor you. Hope last night was restful ...