Thursday, July 29, 2010

there are lots of "moments" that come with being a parent. there are good and bad moments. moments when you feel rested and moments when you are so dang tired you didn't know you could be so tired. moments when you feel out of control and moments when you have it together. moments when things are chaotic and unorganized and moments when there is relative calm. moments when you accomplish nothing but brushing your teeth and moments when you move through your to-do list with relative ease. moments when you miss your life before children and moments when you wouldn't trade motherhood for a the world.

yesterday,  i had a priceless moment with the bean. one of those moments that made me fall in love with being a mom and love the heck out of my baby. it was all thanks to a tissue paper pom-pom that finally fell off the ceiling. ( side note, they had been there for over a year. i bought them for alli's baby shower last may. i liked them, so i kept them up). this above mentioned pom pom kept the bean entertained for most of the afternoon. thanks to my trusty iphone i was able to capture the moment. and it turned out pretty cool. it should be said that i did not alter this photo in any way, shape or form. bean was lying on our couch, which happens to be dark brown and leather, so it looks like he is floating on air.

love it.


  1. What a great picture and reminder of how the simple things can be the most fun. Soon he'll love wrapping paper and boxes. Thanks for sharing
    the photo and your insights.


  2. Yep, I remember that boxes, especially ones BIG enough to actually get into, are usually more fun for kids that whatever came in those boxes. LOVE the picture!