dear chace

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

dear sweet chace,

happy 5 months! i can not believe you are 5 months old. here are some things that i have learned/ noticed about you over the last month.

** you are intense and focused when there is something you want.

** like your mother, you do not like loud voices or people in your personal space.

** thanks to both of your parents, you have a serious set of eyebrows. i am concerned we may have to wax them before you head off to montessori school.

** you know how to use said eyebrows correctly. this frightens me a little. you are only 5 months old.

** there is no better feeling in the world to see your eyes light up when you see me or when you smile at me with your one dimple.

** your laugh is infectious. but getting you to laugh is a somewhat difficult task.

** you like to wake up early, like your pappa.

** when you do nap, which is getting more regular, you like long naps like your momma.

** you are constant motion.

** you like books, music and rides in your fancy stroller.

** you continue to bring us such joy.

** i love watching you discover the world around you.

** i love being your momma more than anything in this world.

happy 5 months bean!

until next month.....


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