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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

i think there should be rules that people have to follow while traveling, especially during peak travel times, like the holidays. and perhaps i would go as far as to say that there should be enforcers to make sure that holiday travellers do not break the rules......

here are some things that come to mind.....

**is it really necessary to tell your life story to the stranger sitting next to you. the guy sitting behind us yesterday was telling this poor woman all about his pet snakes at 6 am. seriously? and then he busted out the homemade beef jerky and offered it to her. i am quite certain that he killed the deer himself and it could have been a deer he hit with his pick up truck.

** please use your inside voice on the plane. i do not need to hear your thoughts on the airlines baggage policy or how you and your wife measured and weighed every single bag to make sure you would not be charged extra money.

** when walking in the airport, do not stop in the middle of the road.

** travel attire.... there has got to be some middle ground here people, between dressing like you are going out for a night on the town and looking like you just rolled out of bed. and do us all a favor, if you have a beer gut, muffin top or any other kind of belly, please, please, please wear a shirt that covers it.

** why must you carry your suitcase on when you know damn well that it is not going to fit in the overhead bin? i watched so many people try to push, shove, stuff and jam there suitcase into the overhead bin, while holding up the line and hitting people on the head in the process.

** i know the airlines are cutting back and do not offer snacks, but must you bring smelly food onto the plane? if you know that your hunger pains are going to kick in during a 2.5 hour flight, eat before you get on the plane or pick a food that doesn't stink to high heaven.

maybe my rant is due to the fact that i am seven months pregnant, but.....

thank you and happy holiday travels

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one airing my grievances this holiday season. Well done, Luc. You make me laugh. Have a Merry Christmas...enjoy the warm weather. We're getting ready for a blizzard here.