tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

**i just survived the post office. survived being the operative word. no wonder people go postal. maybe being so pregnant contributed to my irritation.

** its a scott miller day. haircut, hi-light and the coveted blow out!

** we are going to support our local AHL hockey team tonight.

**not looking forward to flying next week, well its the small seats i am worried about.

** but i cant wait to be home with my family. i love our christmas traditions.

** so far the week has been ok, but friday is approaching. i cant believe that it has been a year since cooper died.

**have really enjoyed making patchwork scarves and they keep selling. have to make a few more.

** have been really tired and uncomfortable this week. maybe the bean is having a growing spurt.

** 10 days till christmas, the most wonderful time of year!

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