after many attempts

Friday, December 4, 2009

you all know how much i heart any fabric from heather ross. well, before i even knew how to turn on a sewing machine i bought her book, weekend sewing. i loved everything in the book, but was particularly smitten with the lucy kimono.

i tried to make it very early on in my sewing career for alli and baby charlie, but failed miserably several times, each attempt ended up in the trash can. when my mom was here in october she gave me a binding lesson, now i was ready to tackle the kimono. or so i thought. it took me ripping out many times, alot of four letter words and walking away several times, but i finished it today. i cant wait to see it on the bean. i think i will take it to the hospital.

today, i learned that i should listen to my inner voice. usually i am pretty good at that, but not with sewing. there was something about the pattern that just wasn't making sense and each time i ripped out and did exactly what the pattern said, it was wrong. i finally, listened to myself, approached the little garment intuitively and it worked; i believe the way that ms.ross intended. i then added the extra binding to the bottom edge.

i am ready to order some more fabric and make a few more for the bean. i think they will be perfectly adorable over a white onesie. hopefully, it wont take me all afternoon the second time around.


  1. Luc...You should always listen to your inner voice...It comes from a long line of women that sew and your voice has become so rich and true...Keep up the good work...XOXO

  2. Thanks for sharing....I needed the reminder to keep on trying till it works out!