tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

** after an early morning wake up call, 2:30 am, we are home.

** it is always great to get away but i love coming home.

** the dogs were very excited to see us.

** it was 6 degrees when we landed. i guess winter is here.

** we had a grand time with my family. it went by way to fast.

** i didn't lose my patience while traveling today. i am very proud of myself.

** we had to bring a very large additional suitcase home. it was filled with christmas goodies and lots of stuff for the bean.

** i feeling the nesting, purging and cleaning urge.

** i am looking forward to watching lots of bowl games this weekend.

**and doing some knitting. i have some new design ideas floating in my head.

** how was your tuesday?


  1. Glad you had a good holiday. Ours was crazy, but went too fast.

    Grading today (ugh) - but it's the last of the grading. I'll be glad when Wednesday comes!

  2. Glad you made it home in one piece. I fell on my rear end the other day and am sporting a NASTY bruise on my behind (good thing its behind me and I don't have to look at it). Tuesday was great. LYS having a great end of year sale. Stocking up on yarns I DON"T need, but what the heck. Planning on alot of Norwegian ski hats this month. My birthday is the first...looking forward to it. Stay warm...its freezing here in the mid-atlantic.