two years

Thursday, December 31, 2009

we met in an unconventional way.
you were new to, i was not.
i am not sure who winked first.
nor do i remember much about your profile.
except for the fact that said you didn't like chain restaurants.
my foodie soul mate.

when we met for the first time
i felt like we had known each other our whole life.
i knew that you were different.
but i played it cool.

i knew when i invited you to my brother's wedding
that you had my heart.
i knew that you were the one i wanted to grow old with,
and walk down life's road hand and hand.

we decided to get married over a bowl of vodka rose pasta.
i am pretty sure it was a very matter of fact conversation.
we both agreed las vegas was the place,
and new year's eve was the date.

little did we know the road ahead of us,
but i know we could not have walked down it
without each other.

it is your love that makes me want to be better.
it is your love that saves me every single day.
and it is because of your love that i can face
whatever life may bring.

i love you.

happy anniversary, precious husband!


  1. Lucinda, I just discovered your blog via design mom. your stories and writing are so touching, thanks for sharing. Wishing you a happy new year! Molly

  2. Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year, too. Wishing you peace and joy in the year to come.