tuesday tidbits (on wednesday)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

**i cant believe that tomorrow is christmas eve. i still have a hard time sleeping christmas eve, anticipation of christmas morning.

** my birth story is featured on designmom today, what a great way to remember cooper.

** the bean has LOTS of presents under the tree.

**it snowed here in santa fe last night, just about an inch, but enough to delay school openings. funny to think about if you live in a place that gets lots of snow each winter.

**we always see a movie on christmas day. this year the movie is sherlock holmes.

**it is good to be home.

** wishing you all a merry christmas eve eve.


  1. Saw your story at Design Mom - it breaks my heart that you lost your precious little boy; I'm so glad you are expecting his little brother in February. Sending all good wishes...

  2. I just read your letter to your son Cooper and wanted to say thank you for sharing it. It was so touching :) I also thought it was neat that you're in the Rochester area. My family and I live in penfield :)

    - Jen