dear bean

Monday, December 14, 2009

dear bean.

you have a date with your dad and i in 10 weeks. a very important date. one that we have been anxiously and joyously awaiting.

yes, in 10 weeks we will finally get to meet you. although, i feel like i know you. i know that you are feisty, you let me know when you don't like something. i know you like it when i drink my starbucks tea in the am. you seem to be more of a night owl. although i do hope, you get your days and nights straightened out. i know that you are much more active than your brother. and that this pregnancy has been harder on my body, but that probably is not your fault.

but there a lots of things about you that i don't know and look forward to learning.

i cant wait to see your sweet face, count your toes and kiss your little nose. i wonder if you will have blond hair like your brother, will you have your daddy's chin or my hairline? will you look like your older brother?

you have already stolen our hearts. i know when we see you for the first time, all will be right with the world.

see you in 10 weeks, sweet bean.


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