may you catch lots of trout

Thursday, December 10, 2009

all the men in my family, going back generations, fly-fish. fly fishing is a right of passage, a defining moment in one's upbringing, a thread that connects the generations, a time to celebrate family and the outdoors, an excuse to travel, a reason to spin wild tales and of course worship the almighty trout.

my cousin, ben, contacted me right before thanksgiving and asked if i would design him a trout hat to wear while fishing. he is a fly fishing guide in santa fe and needs to keep his ears and head warm while showing his clients a good time. i had great fun creating this hat for ben. i have a feeling i am going to get some requests from other family members, in particular my youngest brother, sam.

and ben, may you catch lots of trout while sporting this hat.


  1. What a great hat! It is even cold in Texas right now, so I know he'll need
    to keep warm in NM.


  2. The hat looks great! I can't wait to get it in the mail. I'm sure it will help me catch lots of fish!

    Thanks so much.


  3. Great hat! My dad's a fly fisherman, too. Any chance you'll be offering the pattern in your shop? I'd love to buy it from you.