uncle, i cry uncle

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Uncle! Uncle! Uncle!

remember how i told you last friday about the sweater i was working on for my mom? well, i worked very hard over the weekend and got the front finished and the shoulders sewn together... and well it is a total disaster. it is huge, has no shape and is one step up from a burlap sack. i kid you not. it is a total flop.

now, i have to be honest, i dont have many knitting disasters, so when they do happen it throws me for a real loop. and gets me a tad bit cranky. this yarn does not want to be a sweater. but i will not let it get the best of me. i know just what i am going to make out of it, and it will be perfect for those hot summer nights on kea. but i need a little break from that yarn, so i am working on one of the designs from my ever growing list. stay tuned.

and here is a picture, so you know that i am not exaggerating the magnitude of my knitting disaster.


  1. what a bummer! At least you have a pretty, new purse to make you smile:)

  2. Bogus -- that looks like a lot of work! Though I'm sure whatever you have in mind for it will be great.

  3. Um.
    I actually REALLY like it:) My whole fashion sense is kind of deconstructed burlap sack-esque.

    I kid you not.

    I think that would be so cute with skinny jeans, kind of pulled off one shoulder and basic black mary janes.....

    I don't know--perhaps I am just odd.

    <3 sarasophia

  4. Do you know what a gift you give to those of us who experience many flops, by sharing yours?? Besides, I think "sarasophia" may have a solution that's better than suffering abject failure.