Monday, May 4, 2009

hello dear readers. i just wanted to let you know that i made it through the weekend in one piece. i felt the love and support of those both near and far and of old friends and new. i will be posting soon about the weekend, it was amazing and the perfect way to honor cooper, but i still need a little time to decompress and recover. i am emotionally spent.

in the meantime, i am going to have my first ever giveaways here on lucends and it is one of my very favorite things, my dear mom's wall vases, seen below. leave a comment by midnight 5/8 to be eligible and my precious husband will pick the winner.

wishing you a great monday. until then......


  1. How beautiful! What a great giveaway - count me in -

  2. I was thinking of you this weekend. I am sure many were holding you and Cooper close, and am glad to know you felt the embrace.

    What a generous, open-hearted thing to do, to begin this week with a gift for your readers. Thank you.

    Beth in Oregon

  3. "Decompressing" is a good word for what I'm trying to do today also. 3 funerals and 2 plane
    trips both west and east in 10 days are hard, but
    there were many good things about the last 3 days too. It was healing for our families and new and old friends to be together to love and support each other. I liked Rochester so much and see why you love to live there. We enjoyed
    several tourist attractions but mostly the trees and flowers everywhere. Thank you for your
    hospitality and allowing us to share your home,
    food (of course) and especially your grief. I hope the Memorial will be a turning point for all.


  4. I KNEW you could do it! Thought about you and burned Cooper's candle all afternoon.
    Include me in your give away. (I never win anything, but it's fun to dream!)

  5. The beautiful vase would be a reminder to me of the beautiful woman that gave it. :-)

  6. It's beautiful Luc. Don't give it away. Look at it often. Thoughts of you often.
    sarah rosney (chaffee)

  7. Whew, you made it. Sending lots of healing your way. The vase is lovely, count me in!

  8. Big hugs to all (doggies too!) and be gentle with yourself.
    Vase is beautiful - your momma, like you, is very talented.

  9. I'm glad you made it through the memorial service. I remember how emotional and exhausting and draining it was to have one for our daughter this fall. She was premature and lived a week, and I wondered who would come alongside us to help mourn and help heal, and I was so blessed and touched by the support. As hard a time as it was, I treasure the memories. I trust you were equally blessed as you were able to gather together and remember Cooper.

  10. Lucinda, I knew that you were having the memorial service for Cooper and I wanted to check in. I have been thinking a lot about Cooper as I look at Marin's bird that is setting on her dresser. I am sure that you need some serious "decompressing", I know I would. You have a way with words that always bring tears to my eyes and sympathy in my heart.

  11. I told your Mom at the service how much I loved your vase! The service was just perfect.

  12. I love the vase! Glad you got through the weekend and hope this week goes well.

  13. the memorial was an amazing tribute to cooper and to life itself. as i listened to your uncle deliver his beautiful words, i could also hear something else...the most beautiful birdsong i've heard in years. hugs to you and jamey. kate

  14. How generous of you Lucinda! I've always dreamed of having one of your mom's amazing creations! Thinking about you this week and looking forward to seeing you in a few days. Love, Alicia

  15. the birds were amazing! i'm so proud of you dear friend. you have amazing strength. the service was absolutely beautiful. See your friday.


  16. You are, and will continue to be, in my prayers. You do have an amazing strength. I wish there was more that I could say...
    Take care,

  17. Lucinda,
    I so enjoyed knitting for Cooper's flock. I know you and your husband have God's strength to continue. Your tribute to Cooper is so wonderful for everyone. Continue to remember him and he knows he had the BEST parents ever. Cooper is smiling down at you both.
    The vase would be a reminder to me that I helped a family heal.