cooper's quilt

Monday, May 11, 2009

when i was pregnant with cooper i was obsessed with finding original, cute and hip onesies. i scoured the internet like a woman on a mission. it was during this time that i discovered {jig}. i immediately fell in love with her onesies and soon became one of her very best customers. because i was ordering so many onesies for cooper, i got to know the creative mind behind the onesies, alyssa. we made an instant internet connection and i am quite certain if we lived in the same city we would hang out. she shares my love of french fries, jcrew and method cleaning supplies. but alas, for now we are internet friends.

shortly after cooper died, i knew i wanted to make something out of the darling {jig} onesies he had accumulated, but there was one problem, i dont know how to sew, knit yes, sew not a clue. so i contacted rachel. rachel sews and i knew that she could help me with this project. after several discussions about what the blanket/quilt should look like, we decided we needed the help of lois, rachel's mom. lois knows how to quilt and she was just the woman to bring our vision to life.

so we set a date for a friday in april. i was given the task of ironing interfacing on all the pieces of the onesies that we had cut into strips. rachel and lois arrived at my house with sewing machines in hand and we got to work. after much discussion, alot of laughter, a break for lunch and lots of sewing we finished the top of the quilt. it was perfect. lois took the top home and handstitched the backing and binding on and topstitched over the top of the quilt. she brought it to me last saturday at coopers service. it turned out amazing, words cant even describe how much i love this quilt. and it never would have been possible without rachel and lois. it even made me want to learn how to sew, but that is a post for a different day.

after the quilt was finished i contacted alyssa to let her know what i made out of her most adorable product. and because i want everyone to know about {jig} we are doing another giveaway. that's right, you too can have your very own {jig} onesies. leave a comment by midnight on wednesday may 13th and you could win a 3 onesie gift box set of your design choice. you get to pick what boy or girl designs you want on the front.

and if you want to see more pictures of the quilt, you can see them here.


  1. I am so happy that Rachel and Lois were there to guide you to this beautiful quilt....We are so lucky to have such caring friends...XOXO

  2. Those onesies are adorable. I would love to gift those to a first-time mom, so please enter me into your giveaway.


  3. this is so beautiful! If I was closer it would be so much fun to learn to sew together. Rachel could give us a couple courses during her summer off.:)

  4. Luc--it looks great! I'm so happy my mom and I were able to help. Definitely going to offer some free beginner sewing classes this summer in my new studio as soon as it's finished! It's the least I can do for the girl who taught me everything I know about knitting. :-) xo

  5. what a fantastic idea!!! it's gorgeous! please don't give up on me...i'm working on my birdies & will be sending them soon! hope all is well!

  6. Please enter me in the onesies drawing.
    I would love to gift a dear niece with these for her baby.

  7. My boys are too big for the onesies - but, they would be perfect for my darling nephew!
    I love your quilt - it's giving me some inspiration of what to do with those sweet baby clothes I can't bear to give away.

  8. This quilt is so special, and you, Rachel, and Louis created such an amazing piece of art! You can come play on my mom's "vintage" 1960s sewing machine anytime you want - we can learn how to use it together! Love, Alicia

  9. this turned out beautiful! i'd heard rumor of it via my mom (a good friend of lois') but hadn't see the quilt until your pictures.

    like michelle (above) please don't give up on me for birdies. i have the yarn ...

    not sure if i need to officially enter the onesie contest - eliot would look adorable in them i imagine (my 10 mo. old son). i'd love to be entered!

    my thoughts & prayers continue to be sent your way.


  10. Here is my offical comment. Guess who I want a onsie for. The quilt is beautiful. Way to go Lois! Amazing. We need to start a quilting group. Seriously. You know they would be beautiful quilts, then we could write a book or go on oprah and it would all have started with you and your cooper quilt.


  11. What a wonderful idea for those adorable onsies. I can see why you bought so many-too hard to choose just one or two. The design of the quilt is fantastic and your choice of colors were perfect. How great to have such precious friends to help you with it. Please include me in your giveaway.

  12. The quilt is a beautiful keepsake. What a wonderful idea. I'm sure it is especially precious because of the good friends who helped you make it.

    I would love to be entered into the drawing. It's 10:37 here in Oregon--I hope I'm not too late.

  13. Darn, its Thurs and i missed the deadline :( Maybe i will just have to order something for baby kate, no longer known as my little "pita" (pain in the ass :) we have worked through our issues and have gotten to know each other, I couldn't be more in love. just as I am with tayler and luke.