friday knitting

Friday, May 22, 2009

as a yarn shop owner, i had the opportunity to meet and work with alot of great people, but my all time favorite was linda, the owner of blue sky alpaca. from the moment we first met on the phone we had an instant connection, we both had great pyrenees as dogs and spent many a minutes talking about them, not yarn. over the years linda has been very good to me. as a leader in the industry she always had good advice when i needed it, supported rach and i when we launched modalura, and answered the call with a huge box of yarn for coopers flock. let me tell you, linda is one of the good ones and i am so blessed to have worked with her. not to mention that her yarn is one of my favorites.

so, i am so excited about her new line of yarn Spud and Chloe which is set to make its debut at the industry trade show in june. i am more than excited, i am over the moon with excitement. the concept behind spud and chloe is simple, 3 different weights of yarn that are all washable presented in 27 fabulous colors. let me tell you dear readers, no one in this industry is better at choosing colors than linda! i cant wait to get my hands on this yarn. in fact i wouldn't be surprised if i ordered it in all the colors. i have so much faith in this product, it is going to be the "IT" yarn for the fall season.

so how can you knit with spud and chloe before its launch date? susan b anderson and skeinsherway are both having spud and chloe giveaways, so pop on over and enter, who knows you could be knitting with spud and chloe before anyone else. and tell your local yarn shops to order it, they wont be disappointed.


  1. wow i can't wait to see this stuff. wait, i mean i can't wait to touch it!

  2. With all the yarn in my stash, and all the fibers waiting to be spun in my basement, the temptation when I see pictures and descriptions of new yarns like these........well, at least I can't buy them yet!