coopers memorial service 1.0

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

i have been struggling to find the best way to share the weekend with you, dear readers. and after much thought, several posts or chapters, seems to make the most sense. many of you learned about my sweet family and our cooper by knitting birds, so i thought i would begin with coopers flock. when i embarked on this journey through the blogosphere, it was my hope to have 100 birds for coopers service. well, i had 300 members of coopers flock the day of his service ( i have received more birds since then for a total of 324 to date), 100 birds for each week of coopers precious life. seeing all those birds in the trees was simply breathtaking. your efforts have helped to heal my heart and will bring so much comfort to children and their families during a very stressful time. what an amazing legacy YOU all helped me create for cooper. i am truly honored and blessed. THANK YOU.

these are some of the photos. i am expecting more in the next few days. and if you want to see more from the service, you may go here


  1. Look at all those beautiful birds - and a beautiful day for Cooper's service, too, it looks like.
    Thank YOU for sharing with us -

  2. I'm so glad you had such a lovely day for Cooper's memorial service, and the trees filled with knitted birds is so touching. Many, many people care about you. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  3. It does look like the day was a nice one. Thank you for the update and the pictures.

  4. What a perfect setting for Cooper's service. I feel honored to have contributed a bird to Cooper's flock. BTW - the cookies were a lovely touch.