friday knitting

Friday, May 15, 2009

today i give you my creative laundry list that is in my brain because i don't have any finished projects to share with you.

i am working on two projects right now that seem to be taking me forever to finish. one is a sweater for my dear mom. it is an easy rowan pattern, simple stockinette stitch but the knitting seems to be never ending. maybe because it is on small needles, but size 5 isn't that small, or maybe its because there are two pieces to the front and back, or maybe because i keep making simple mistakes and have to rip it back. once i finish the front and have moved on to the sleeves i will feel like i am in the home stretch. i have set a deadline for myself.

the second project is for me, its the cover sweater on the spring/summer issue of vogue knitting. i do love it, but the knitting is slow going. it is constructed in two pieces, the center medallion and the outer band. i flew through the center medallion, but the outer band is comprised of 4 different stitch patterns and i have to pay attention. for some reason i have yet to memorize the pattern repeat. maybe it will be finished with it by the end of summer.....

but i think that real reason i am having a hard time finishing these two projects is because my creative mind is in on speed, its in overdrive. i have so many things rattling around in my head that i cant seem to focus. i have made a list but i just want to start working on the list, but am making myself wait until i finish the above mentioned projects.

here is a sampling of the list:
1. design polka dot baby sweater knit placemat with fabric
3. rework dr seuss baby hat
4. knit the whisper cardigan in spring IK
5. design baby blanket
6. knit the pirate hat for my cousin's son and my little brother
7. knit che pillow
8. rework and finish knit cowboy boot covers
9. knit baggy bolero
10. and finish those two projects that are on my needles!
happy friday knitting!


  1. ooh I love that bolero....I wish I was modeling that one.:)

  2. I love the jar of knitting needles - they look like they are calling you to Cast On something wonderful!!!