sweet home alabama

Monday, May 18, 2009

my dear friend alicia is from alabama and we met about 4 years ago, when i owned wild wools. she came in to buy yarn and hearing her southern accent made me long for home. she spoke a language i understood. i invited her to a halloween party and from that moment on, she and her husband were part of our group. they were planning on living here for a year, her hubby was doing a dental residency, and then returning to alabama. they moved away, we were all sad and missed them. two years later we received an email that they were moving back to upstate new york and we were just giddy about it.

when alicia's mother and mother in law learned about cooper they immediately wanted to contribute to coopers flock. they went to their local yarn shop, in the making, and told them about the coopers flock project. and this little yarn shop in alabama rolled out the southern hospitality and took on this project wholeheartedly. they put out the call to their customers and they responded. the staff and customers of in the making, made 68 birds for coopers flock. can you believe it? alicia's mom delivered them to me this past saturday. and let me tell you dear readers these birds are so full of love, life and color!

the birds were both sewn and knit. the batch below are the sewn birds called purdy birdie.

and all the coopers birdies on an evergreen tree in the back yard.

both birdie patterns are on their website. these newest members of coopers flock brings the total to 397 birds! isn't that outstanding? thank you in the making, you helped this mama's heart heal a little more. and i know if i lived in alabama we would be best friends.


  1. of course...it is the Southern way...and I am happy to hear that you miss those voices from the past...it is truly like salve to what ail's you...Love "your southern mom"

  2. Aww - sweet post Lucinda! Those southern birds are special. I'll make sure Mama Cook, Mom, and the folks at In the Making see this.
    Love, Alicia

  3. Another outpouring of love; there are so many caring people in this world.
    So happy for you!
    Am looking up the patterns.