Wednesday, February 29, 2012

i have lived a number
of different places over my life.
some of them were brief stops
on my journey, others beckoned
me to stay longer.

i have lived in upstate new york
for the longest span of time,
in my adult life anyway.

there are times when
it feels like home
and other times it
is the most foreign place on the planet.

it is the place where i live
with ph and chace.
it is the place were have
we have a home.
it is the place where i
have built a life,

but is it home?
is it the place that comes to
mind when i hear the word home?

yes it is. but.

home is also the smell on pinion
burning in santa fe.
the amazing number of stars
in the night sky out west.

home is also the feeling
i get when i step off the plane in texas.
it is a place that  knows the depths of my soul.
there is something familiar and comforting
about the lone star state.

home is also the smell of salt
air blowing off the Mediterranean sea,
stepping of the boat and feeling the
dna settle in my bones.
greece is the place of ancestors
and i feel it every time in set foot on the island.

home is where i go when i need to feel settled.
home is where i go when i need comfort.
home is where i go when i feel restless in my current place.

where do you go for the feeling of home?
where is your home?

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