Wednesday, February 15, 2012

** i laid out the blocks for a quilt that i have been working on for two years!

** i love it!

** i discovered that a friend of mine makes better cutouts than wegmans.

** this is life changing news.

** this friend and i are having a huge basement sale in two weeks.

** she is moving into a new house and i need to clean out my basement.

** we are having leftover king ranch chicken for dinner.

** i am applying to two craft shows  for the spring.

** one here and one in austin.

** nothing like a show to get me motivated to work.

** i nap too much.

** this is beginning to concern me.

** ph and i are going to watch justified tonight.

** swoon.

** i need to write thank you notes.

** i have a mani/pedi at scott miller tomorrow.

** kathy is going to be appalled by the state of my hands.

** we still have lots of leftover cake from the birthday circus.

** maybe we should have cake for dinner.


  1. I sure wish you would send us some of that cake...I need it !!!!

  2. Austin? WHEN!?!? I'll be there in April.....