commitment to patience

Sunday, March 4, 2012

i have been short on patience lately.
this troubles me, and
causes me to be harder on myself
than the norm.

being patient does not always
comes easily for me.
that is why it is one of the words
tattooed on my arm in tibetan.
a constant reminder.

it is the usual run of the mill annoyances
that put me over the edge.
incompetence, poor drivers.
the old people at wegmans.
the slow checkout person at target.
poor service at a restuarant.
you know the usual stuff.

but lately my patience has been tested
with my two year old.
this troubles me.

the tantrums in the middle of the drive way
make me nuts.
the clinging to my leg while i am trying to cook dinner
makes me squirm.
the dumping of food on the floor for oh the 100th time
sends me into orbit.
and the words, "no mommy, i do it" with a very defiant tone
makes me cringe.

again, this troubles me.

but today in yoga i made a commitment to
patience, to not let anything steal it away from me.
even my precocious child.
i vowed to stay true to my commitment
one breath at a time.

despite chace's attempt to derail my efforts
this afternoon.
i was able to breath through it
and we had a very busy but pleasant afternoon.

so i will wake up tomorrow
and make the same commitment:
to remain patient, no matter what life throws at me.

so, what are you committing to?


  1. samesamesameSAMEsame. And it drives me nuts, too. I get pissy because my patience is gone, then I get even more pissy for getting pissy with my children. WHO ARE CHILDREN. And are doing what children do.

    I wish I had yoga. I miss yoga. Life was easier in Texas when I had yoga.

    But maybe I can still remember to breathe anyway...

    And if that doesn't work, there's always Greece, right?


  2. Does this mean that you girls are coming to Greece together???? I hope so....and we can all practice patience together.....each shell we pick up...offer it to the skies....and sea...and I can be the Ya-Ya to all.....even you two....xoxo