official request

Monday, February 20, 2012

last week i spoke with jen
the cardiac social worker at strong
to catch up and see how many 
cooper birds she had left.

there are 25 left.
i can not believe that
we are down to the last 25.
she thought that they would last 
about a month and a half.

i have never been sure what 
i would do when we "offfically'"
ran out of birds.
but when she told me that we were
down to the last few, i knew
what i had to do.
make more!!

i made 7 one morning last 
week while chace was at school.
the birds are great way to use up my 
fabric scraps.

so this i my official request.
if you would like to help 
replenish the flock
i would greatly appreciate it.

these birds bring such comfort 
to families during a very difficult time.
i feel compelled to keep making them.

if you are interested in helping
email me and i will send you the 
knit bird pattern or the sewn bird pattern or both.
every bird counts and makes a difference.
so anyway you can help out would be appreciated.



  1. Hi Lucinda,

    Please send me the sewn bird pattern. I'll get some done over spring break.


  2. I can stitch some birds to add to the flock. I ran across my patterns and fabric just last week!

    Sunny GWC

  3. I'm so glad you put out an official request. My first knitted one is done. Gonna try to get more done soon. Then move on to the sewn birds.

    1. jennifer. thanks for the push to put out an official request. :)) every single bird make a huge difference. xoxo

    2. I'm so glad! I have started knitting a second one. Will get to sewing as soon as our house guests depart and I get my sewing room back.

      Two of my kids want one when I'm done. Would you mind if I knitted up two for my own kids?

  4. of course i'm in. can you send the knitted pattern to me again. i'll get started. love you.