team swan or team granger

Thursday, February 2, 2012

last valentines day my mom
gave me a kindle.
mostly because i badgered
her into buying it for me.
(sorry mom)

i love my kindle.
i have read so much
over the past year.
i love to read,
but just didn't make time for it
or reserved it for traveling.

the kindle makes it easy.
makes it effortless.
and is great for traveling.

i have read alot of good books
since acquiring my beloved kindle.
but i noticed a theme.
there was always a child that died.


and it was not apparent until i was
too committed to the book to stop reading.

double ugh.

i needed to break that trend.
so when i was thinking about
what i wanted to read over the holidays
the twilight saga came to mind.

i will admit that i felt a a little
guilty about purchasing and
reading the books.
i am usually not a series
kind of girl, (but i have read
the chronicles of narnia
and the harry potter series multiple times)
so i gave it a go.

i have to be honest.
i don't get the vampire thing.
i did not fantasize about edward or jacob.
i wanted bella to pick jacob.
i liked the first 3 books.
the fourth book was just ridiculous.

speaking of bella.
she annoyed me.
she was completely ruled by her emotions.
she did not use her head at all
( yes i have made decisions based on emotions)
with the exception of when she was trying to save her daughter.
she was selfish and whiny.
she was mean and then begged forgiveness.
maybe bella was intelligent, but that trait
didn't appear until the end of the book.

it was in the final chapters where she understood
the love a mother has for  her child.
the primal urge to protect your child at all costs.
she truly understood the meaning of self- sacrifice,
that as a mother you have a duty to put your child above yourself,
no matter what.

that being said, i spent alot of time being
irritated at ms. bella swan.
it was only at the end of the book
where i would even think of declaring
myself on team swan.

up until that point i was team granger all the way.


  1. Hermione still wins. Hands down. Even without a child to protect, Hermione wins. I haven't yet read the potter series, but I venture to guess she's one of the best female characters written.

    Plus, I completely adore Emma Roberts!!

    And her pixie.


  2. Luc - have you read the Hunger Games trilogy? I read them last year on vacation....great books! I'm not typically a fan of book "series" either, but this series was great. The movie based on the first book is coming out in March. Check them out if you haven't already!

    - AB