tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

** i love red licorice.

** eating it now with a diet coke as i type.

** chace is off of school this week.

** i ordered a table top photo light box kit so i can photograph lucends products.

** i am kinda excited about it.

** have i told you how much i love "the voice"?

** great show.

** i need to get my lucends business in order.

** i have been trying to finish up some other projects.

** like cleaning out the basement.

** i want to recover some of our lampshades.

** give them a little boost.

** the shrimp and grits i made last night for dinner was AWESOME!

** we need a new mattress.

** it kills my back.

** but it is not in the budget anytime soon.

**more yoga for me.

**i long to go to the beach, smell the salt air and sit in the sun.

** the grey is getting to me.

**i know mom, we should move to NC.

**off to sew a quilt top together.

** happy tuesday

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  1. I love BOTH shrimp and grits but don't think about serving them together. Would you post the recipe, please and thank you? :)