tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

** chace fell asleep at 3

** after spending two hours of rolling around in his bed, talking and singing to himself.

** it feel like spring.

** ph said it smelled like spring this am.

** if it is not going to snow anymore, i would like it to warm up.

** the quilt i made for the montessori auction is finished.

** well, i have to sew the binding on.

** i love it!

** i hope that it brings in some cash and dollars for the school.

** i have applied for 3 shows: one in rochester, one in austin, and one in charlotte.

** if i get in, i have lots of sewing to do.

** today is not one of my better parenting days.

** chace came home from school very cranky.

** i am looking forward to yoga tonight.

** we are having tamales from santa fe tonight.

** ph drove them home.

** did you watch the academy awards?

** i thought that there were some great dresses on the red carpet.

** happy tuesday!

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