Wednesday, February 8, 2012

today, ph and i
had the opportunity to
observe chace's montessori classroom.

one word:

i know and understand
the value of a montessori education.

i know that chace is learning an immense
amount in school, we see it translate
from the classroom to our house.

i know that chace is gaining self confidence
and moving toward more independence.
he uses the words; i do it, no, and mine alot.

but to sit in the classroom
and watch him take out work
and put it away when he was finished
was awe inspiring.

he was so immersed in his work
that he did not even notice we
were there for sometime.

the room was so quiet,
orderly, and comfortable.
each child was working independently
or with the directoress.

there were no meltdowns,
no tantrums,
no fights.
just 9 happy toddlers
immersed in learning.

ph and i were speechless
as we drove home.
processing all that we had
seen during our observation
and feeling very good about
our decision to begin chace's educational
journey with montessori.

1 comment:

  1. My oldest went to a montessori preschool, and it was an amazing experience for all of us. I still see how it translates to today - he's in the second grade now.