puffy frog eyes

Sunday, February 5, 2012

it has been along
time since i had
a crying meltdown.
so, i was due.

add the fact that
i am getting chace's cold
and feel horrible.

and you have a making
for a cry fest.

and the movie 50/50.

yesterday, i sent ph to the redbox
to get a movie
and he came home with 50/50.
i knew the premise,
but thought it was going to be funny.

it had funny moments.
but was not a funny movie.
ph fell asleep during the saddest part.
so there i am sitting on the couch
tears and snot running down my face.
once i got going it was hard to breath.

ph woke up at the end
(a happy part)
and just looked at me.

the trouble with these types
of movies is that they create
a snowball effect.

i start crying about the movie
and it quickly becomes about cooper.
the tapes start playing
and before i know it
i am in a full fledged meltdown.

i know is healthy.
i felt better this morning
with the exception of my cold.
and the simple fact that my eyes
were so swollen that i could not
get my contacts in my eyes until
after noon.

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  1. I have had two miscarriages in the last year and a very similar experience with this movie, my husband and red box. Thanks for sharing your journey. Its makes a difference knowing others get it.