a week in food

Monday, June 27, 2011

let me start by saying,
that this is not going to
become a food blog.
but i do like food.
so i will occasionally blog about it.

now that we have
that sorted out.

i am very much addicted to pinterest.
i have quite a food board.
so last week, i decided i would
cook from said board.

here is how it went.
monday: chicken teriyaki
tuesday: slow cooker pulled pork with root beer
wednesday: edamame pasta
thursday: stuffed salmon with sriracha cream sauce
friday: ph was in charge of dinner

overall it was a success.
my least favorite was
the chicken teriyaki.
i think my favorite
was the stuffed salmon.

i will try this
experiment again in the future.
and will report back to you.


  1. Looks like a great menu. I will have to try the stuffed salmon. With that said, your salmon loving brother would like to know where the salmon was from? Was it wild (as opposed to farmed)? Was it from Alaska? Or, even Bristol Bay?

    Just askin!

  2. Are there food blogs that you especially like to browse? I'm a newbie on searching food blogs, I've never been very interested but lately I've been in the mood to try some new things and see what other people are cooking.....