tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

** the baby robins that we have been watching grow, flew the nest.

** but we found a new nest with newly hatched birds.

** i wonder if the mama robin is sad when they fly away.

** i am sad for her.

** one corner of chace's upper molar has popped through the gum.

** hoorah!!!

** only 3 more corners on that tooth to go.

** we are going swimming after nap today.

**chace loves watermelon.

** loves is not a strong enough word.

** this is funny to me because i ate an insane amount of watermelon while pregnant with cooper.

** my sewing machine has to go back to the manufacturer for a 2nd time.

** there is something wrong with it, but they keep saying it is sewing fine.

** this irritates me.

** i need to tell you how much i love my kindle, again.

** i am reading so much more now that i have it.

** love i tell you.

** i decided to leave my hair blonder than blonde.

** at least until my next appointment.

** its only hair after all.

** off to sew.

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