Friday, June 10, 2011

so i have another one
to add to the list.
the ever growing list
of things i never thought
i would do as a mother.

i have been adamant
about not cutting
chace's hair.
i love those curls
in the back.

they make my heart sing.

my reasoning for not
cutting his hair
is not emotional
or sentimental.

it is purely because i do not want to.
i am the mama.
and i don't have to cut his hair
if i dont want to.

oh, and i think toddlers
look absolutely ridiculous
with grown up haircuts.

so with that being said,
i am letting it grow.
be curly, be wild
just be.

with one tiny exception
his bangs.
they were so long
that they were constantly
in this eyes.

so after much pestering.
i attempted to trim them.
and i did a horrible job.
they are uneven.
they are too short.

i keep apologizing to chace
and telling them it is only hair.
that it will grow back in no time.

and i promised him that next
time i had the urge to trim
his bangs i would refrain
and take him to scott miller.

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