tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

** c is grumpy, whiny, cranky and teething.

** thank goodness for nap time.

** this week my dinner revolves around my pinterest food board.

** last night's dinner was.... well not so great.

** it was edible but i wouldn't make it again.

** i have gotten into the habit of napping when c naps.

** at least for an hour.

** i am trying to break the habit.

** but it is not going well.

**napping cuts in on sewing time and makes me feel lazy.

** but my child wears me out.

** mom is home from the hospital.

** surgery was uneventful.

** i now own 7 pairs of toms shoes.

** wow, that is embarrassing to admit.

** just doing my part to help those in need.

** seriously, it is a purchase i feel good about.

** looking forward to watching the voice on tv tonight.

** do you watch it?

** you should, its really good.

** i am thinking about creating my own website to sell my lucends goods on.

** what do you think?

** nap time is calling.

** see, cant break the habit.

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  1. Naps are a WONDERFUL way to take care of your body and also your sanity! :) Grab 'em and enjoy 'em while you can, 'cause he won't be taking them forever.