Sunday, June 26, 2011

i dont like change.
i guess most people don't.
but i know that change is good.

for the last two years
i have been comfortable
with my lucends sales on etsy.

they provided me
with fun money.
money for fabric, fabric and more fabric.
trips to scott miller
and they bought my iphone.

i sew because i love it
the creative process is
what feeds my soul.

lately, i have been thinking
alot about what i want out of lucends the brand.
i want lucends to be a brand
that people feel good about.

a brand that is made with love.
a brand that people are proud to show their friends.
i want lucends to be a brand
that is committed to handmade.

of course for this to happen
i have to make some changes.
changes that i have been reluctant to make.

i am applying to several
craft show in the fall.
some are local and some are not.
i have changed my store platform.
etsy is just too big.
and i joined facebook.

one thing that will not change is this blog.
so no worries there.

but i would love it
if you checked out
my new spaces.
became my friend.
liked my page.
and shared it with your friends.

and most of all i hope that
lucends will be a brand you
want to continue to support.

xoxoxo you all.
for real.

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