dear chace

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

my dear sweet chace,

happy 16 months! boy, i am i glad that is months, not years. particularly since you have a new affinity for all things with steering wheels. you love to stand in your daddy's truck and pretend that you are driving. the look of pleasure on your face makes our hearts soar. i take delight in this a little bit more than your father, because your second cousin ned and i used to spend hours driving in hid dad's mg. i think its funny now, that our parents let us play in the garage for that long, especially in the texas heat. i suppose it kept us busy and occupied. we were always going on a trip to new york.  i always think of ned when i watch you attack the steering wheel.

you are going through a bit of a phase, that is what i am calling it. you have become a tree monkey. you cling to me for dear life. not all the time, just when you are feeling insecure. i am not complaining. i will take it. the last two night in a row bath time has been tear free and i think that you actually enjoyed yourself. progress i tell you progress.

you have added "yes" to your vocabulary and can sign the word for "more." i am waiting for the day when you out of the blue answer one the many questions i pose to you throughout the day. you do seem to have a good understanding of what i am telling you. this morning i told to get the brown bear book off the bookshelf. you promptly went over the bookcase, grabbed it and brought it to me to read.  i will remember this when you are a teenager and pretend not to understand a word i am saying to you.

you are still my little vegetarian. it doesn't matter how i disguise the food you know if it is meat and spit it out. i even broke down and bought you chicken nuggets thinking you might eat them. not a chance. even dipped in ketchup you were revolted by them. watermelon is your favorite food. i happen to be a fan as well. i figure you will venture into the world of meat once you get hungry enough. but i am very happy that you love your fruits and vegetables.

this past month you and i took another trip. we went to santa fe to see yaya and pappous. you were a great traveler and we had such a good time. i love watching them interact with you. it is such a pure love that they have for you. it is not a love full of expectations. they adore you and the feeling is mutual i know. you have also spent some time with your cousins here. you like their house because they don't have a lawn yet and you can play in the dirt until your heart is content.

chace you continue to be such a joy. every day is an adventure. happy 16 months baby boy!

love always

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  1. Your memory of "driving to New York" reminded me of sitting in the old car barn at RoRo's on West 9 1/2. We had to make sure the battry didn't run down in her 1930's Model ? car with gold velveteen seats. We got
    to choose whether we would go to New York or Disneyland. None of us-
    mostly your mom, me and Jennifer, and RoRo- had never been to either!!
    It was hot, dusty, spidery, and scary in there and I'm glad we didn't get poisoned somehow!