i have a new love

Sunday, June 5, 2011

its true.
i have a new love.
and i have to tell you
i am smitten.

i didn't know how much
i needed you.
but you have won me over.

i do not know
how i have lived 38
years without knowing
about such a delicious treat.

nutella on animal crackers
nutella and toast
nutella and peanut butter.
and my latest discovery

nutella and strawberries.

this week i am making these cookies.

i have a feeling this
new love of mine
may not be good for
my waistline.


  1. Oh Em Gee, me TOOOOO!! I finally bought a jar a few months ago and wondered how on earth I lasted so long??!?!? I had Nutella and Strawberry crepes for breakfast this morning. It was the perfect way to break my Gluten-Free two weeks. SOOO worth it!

    I never thought I could love something more than peanut butter....

  2. :) Where have you been? I discovered Nutella awhile back and I love it, but can't eat as much because a. Doesn't help when I'm trying to loose weight since the whole jar disappears some how after a week and b. Husband is allergic to Hazelnuts…

    Glad you discovered it!