tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

** the thermometer read 91 degrees today.

** it seems we skipped spring altogether.

** c and i went to our new pool club today.

** i had a date with my style team at scott miller this evening.

** we changed my color a bit.

** it is super blond.

** as blond as you can get blond.

** i am not sure i like it.

** i was too hungry to make a decision.

** so i am going to sleep on it a few days and see how i feel.

** its only hair.

** ph and i are watching the deadliest catch.

** we love this show.

** ph bought a new car today.

** ok, its not new.

** remember nelson? well its his replacement.

** a 1997 ford ranger "mini" pick up truck.

** i wonder what i am going to name this vehicle?

** ph just said " he is a pretty ugly truck."

** great, just what i wanted. an ugly truck.

** i am going to bed now.

** good night.

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  1. My husband had a mini Ford Ranger (red, of course) for 16 years. It won the "Ugliest vehicle in the parking lot" contest at his school for 3 years running. He sold it 2 years ago & bought a Dodge Ram Mega cab. We seem to have gone from a toy to a monster truck. Can you say Male Menopause? I can!