comfortable in my skin

Thursday, May 5, 2011

it took me a long time
to become comfortable in my skin.
like many women, i have struggled
with body image.

more than just thinking i look fat
i have dabbled in binging and then purging
exercised compulsively
and starved my way through europe in college.

what the hell was i thinking?

my clothes have had serious range
over the years.
size 0 to size 10
and every size in between.

but after 38 years
i have, for the most part,
put the body image issues to rest.

sure i have days when
i like the way i look
and days when i cant stand it.

i have come to accept
that having two children
via c-section leaves a permanent pouch.
but at least i dont have a shelf anymore.

so, to celebrate this acceptance
as well as gift ph with a killer
40th birthday present.
i decided to have a "boudoir" photo shoot.

it was an awesome experience.
it was freeing.
it was fun.
it was not nearly as uncomfortable as i thought it would be.

it taught me how far i have come.
and that i dont look so bad in my skin, after all.

here are some of my favorite shots.


  1. The most BEAUTIFUL WOMAN in the world. And I am the lucky one that sleeps next to her every night. I love you Lucinda....

  2. You are so beautiful...I am proud to be your Mom...and I still can't imagine NOT eating your way through Europe! xoxo mom

  3. i love you. you are awesome! lovely!

  4. Perfection. Absolute perfection. Pouch and all. You're gorgeous. And those boots? Swoooooooon!

  5. I'm still getting used to the short hair, which is absolutely smashing! (as is the rest of you...) Great pictures! Happy Birthday to PH with love from us all...

  6. Love Love Love.
    And LOVELY.
    What a brilliant way to celebrate.

  7. Oooh, you hot mama, you! Love the pics. Thank you for sharing.
    xoxo, Liz

  8. You go girl ... sexy thing!! I love that you did this!